Welcome to Rochester Magic   

Join a local club for magicians and those interested in magic

The Society of American Magicians (SAM) Rochester Assembly 47 meets monthly to discuss, share and have some fun with magic.  There are also excellent magic lectures throughout the year when magicians from all over come to town to show us their stuff.  Visit http://www.sam47.com/ for more information abut the local assembly and about our upcoming events in the community. 

There is also one major magic convention in the immediate area each year (last Sunday in April).  Visit http://www.mawny.org/ to find out more.

For the serious magicians, there is a local group who meets to practice and talk magic.  Email Mike to find out about "Merlin".


Mike and Joel performing at the Rochester Broadway Theatre League special event for Phantom of the Opera.  Two members of Merlin (a group that meets regularly to practice magic.
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