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Public Speaking

By day, Mike is a leader in the Rochester community in his work.  He is an Associate Director in his Department and understands the importance of effective leadership skills, communication, critical thinking, team work and succession planning. 

Along with Magic, Mike has begun pursuing his other passion of public speaking and training on these various topics.  Mike has been speaking nationally on Effective Leadership in a workshop ("The Magic of Leadership") that is not only educational, but is entertaining, engaging and leaves people with things they can implement immediately.  Mike shares that "too many times people attend great trainings or conferences, take notes like crazy about good ideas and things they should do, then when they get back to the office, this information is placed on the shelf until people 'have time' to get back to it." 

Have Mike come in to speak to your organization and you will see immediate results and positive changes when it comes to leadership practices.
Comments on surveys from recent speaking engagements:

"Mike is an excellent speaker and can capture every moment of your attention."

"You were by far the most engaging, interactive and enjoyable presenter at this conference.  I loved your session."

"You were great.  We will have to have you come in as a key note speaker.
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