Welcome to Rochester Magic   

Capturing Mike sharing his magic
Mike and Tracey with David Copperfield                            Future Magicians with David Copperfield                            with Mac King                                          Silk through bars at Alcatraz - escape proof?

Future magician                                                              Oscar night celebration                                               On the Brother Wease show                           Brother Wease was amazed
Amazing the natives in Fiji                                               Teaching a trick at the local SAM meeting                      Close up at a magic convention                      The Midvale Magician in action again. 
School of the Holy Childhood                                           Entertaining during a fund raiser                          Fisherman's Wharf - fans of magic                 Alcatraz in the background
Penfield Community Festival                                   Pulling out the top hat for a birthday party             Entrance show at FFFF Convention                    Performing an effect called "Super Closer"

Owanta and Dominique at Atlantis in disbelief            Entertaining with coins (Bahamas)                      Speaking at a business conference (using magic)               It's true.  He left his heart in San Francisco

USS Little Rock - Scout sleep over                                At Universal Studios - California                                    At DowntownDisney - California 
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