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Entertaining on Oscar Night                    Having fun in Nassau, Bahamas
Presenting and lecturing                          At a local SAM Assembly meeting
"We thought you did a great job.  Everyone seemed very pleased.  I only heard good things and would not hesitate for a minute to recommend you.  You were super and I was so thankful you were there!" - Sally Kittredge; Director of Development, National MS Society

"You were a wonderful, engaging presenter, not just a great entertainer.  Thank you- this was terrific!" - Noreen Boje, Ed.D, CCC-SLP, Director of Speech Operations: Rochester Hearing and Speech Center

"Shut the hell up !!" - (Hannah) (followed by...) "OMG it's [the card] literlly on the ceiling !!" - Carli - customers at Sticky Lips for a birthday party.

"WOW! You really entertained the entire family and left them bewildered, making our event special for everyone. Thanks for sharing your talents and professional approach." Mike Schickler - for his father's 80th birthday

"This is great !  Where did you find this guy.  You have to have him again for next year." - Lawrence Appraisals, Buffalo Fall Festival

"I want to thank you ever so much for coming in to entertain our residents.  You are the consummate performer!  It meant a great deal to all of us.  Hopefully we will see you again in the near future!"  - Jean VanBork, Recreation Therapist, Hill Haven

"I just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed your  magic  act on Saturday night. A lot of people were still talking about you on Monday and commenting how much they enjoyed the show and how impressed they were with your magic. We had a great time and you were a lot of fun!"  - David Wakeman, General Sales Manager; Samuel, Son and Company Inc.

"I'm in from LA and you are as good if not better than half the guys I have seen at the Magic Castle in Hollywood." - Peter Ciulla, Sticky Lips customer

"Amazing !!  Right here, right under my nose."  - David Helvie, customer at Sticky Lips Restaurant

"Thank you so much for everything you did for today and for our customers.  They loved it." - Trish Cobb, Wadhams Enterprises, Inc.

"I have seen some good close up magicians in my day and you are definitely one of the best." - Mal Billings (Dan and Sarah's Pre-wedding party)

"That was 
!@#$% awesome !!"  - Brother Wease; Rochester Radio D.J.

"Damn man.  That shit is up there !!" - Tyrone H. from Xerox after seeing his card put on the ceiling at Sticky Lips on 3/20/13.

"Thanks for coming on such a short notice. You have done a spectacular job--especially the final act. It was educational.   We will definitely utilize your talent in the future." - Dr. George Eisen; Executive Director for International Education - Nazareth College

"Mike.  I just wanted to say thankyou for your awesome performances today.  The feedback from the students was great.  They really enjoyed your magic!  Thank you again for tying magic into our reading theme." -  Debbie Bastian; Marion Elementary School

"Thank you for your wonderful show the other night.  Everyone loved the way you performed.  We will definitely keep you in mind for future events, and I know I’ll recommend you to others, too!" - Carolyn A. Montanaro - Office Manager: Neubert Financial Services, LLC

"You knew exactly how to engage [the audience] and their vocal enthusiasm proved it.  I love the fact you can tailor your magic to all age groups.  We look forward to having you part of Bishop Kearney festivities for a long time to come." -
Nancy Ryan, Director of Alumni Relations

"You truly made this event !!  You did a superb job, just as I hoped would happen.  Thank you." - Dick Eisenhart; Family Reunion

"Come over here and watch this.  He is amazing.  You were incredible for our event.  We will definitely have you back again." - Ric Papaleo: Commodore, Eagle Creek Yacht Club

"For the time you were here, I felt that I had my eyes closed and saw impossible things and things change that I would not be able to see when my eyes were open." - Khalid Ahmad Kavyab - Nazareth Exchange Student
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