Magic Books:
In  MUM Magazine, the following
books were recommended for magic.

The Expert at the Card Table (1902)

Greater Magic (1938)

Expert Card Technique (1940)

Tarbell Course in Magic (1941)

Encyclopedia of Card Tricks (1941)

Encyclopedia of Silk Magic (1948)

The Fine Art of Magic (1948)

Royal Road to Card Magic (1948)

Al Baker’s Mental Magic (1949)

The Card Magic of Le Paul (1949)

Conjuring with Christopher (1949)

Bobo’s Modern Coin Magic (1952)

Stars of Magic (1961)

The Illustrated History of Magic (1973)

Magic with Cards (1975)

Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic (1978)

Mark Wilson Course in Magic (1991)

Hugard’s Magic Monthly reprint (1995)

Welcome to Rochester Magic   

Mike not only performs, but he also loves to teach the art of magic

The Beginner class provides the skills and knowledge necessary to perform basic magic.  It also focuses on building self confidence, respect to others and speaking in public.  The class combines instructor presentation, step-by-step explanation, hands-on instruction, group practice sessions and individual performance.  Get ready to amaze your friends, family, co-workers and clients.


The Intermediate class offers the same sequence of instruction and practice as the beginner class, but takes you to the next step in the world of sleight of hand.  It provides you with a higher level of information, techniques and concepts essential to hone your skills further.  You will also learn how to book that magic event if that is one of your goals. 

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